Client:   Passion project
Role:  UI/UX Designer + Front-end Developer
Time Frame:   Currently in development


Our interests are key defining traits in the sum of what makes you a unique individual. TopSpot celebrates this variety in what we like. It goes one step further by making the discovery and sharing of new things of interest all the more easy. The goal of this application and service is to spark conversation, bring friends and family closer together through common interests, and broaden the horizons of what we love.


Research is currently in progress. Will update once milestones have been met.



A mobile application that allows users to create, update, and share favorites charts of varied categories in a simple to use interface.

The application and service shall be centered around personal interests cultivation, first and foremost with social discoverability and networking coming second. At its core, your personal TopSpot charts should be a reflection of you.


This is still an ongoing project without an initial release so reflection on things learned is limited.

Things that will be taken into strong consideration going into development is with such a focus on the personal information logging, strong privacy controls is a must. Good design must be used to clearly illustrate to the user at all times what of their personal information is publicly available with tools to take action either which way.

Also, the repeated entry of favorites, both at the initial set up of the application and in further usage, needs to be as streamline as possible to retain engagement over time. This can be remedied by making new additions possible through OS api's like android's share menu or iOS Siri integration. Smart suggestions to chart entries and categories are a must-add feature in the future to further reduce the friction of adding new favorites to the application.

Please stay tuned for further developments!


Version: Under Development
Lines of code: Only pixels and dreams currently
Contributors: 1


Adobe Illustrator

Coming Soon!