Client:   Class project
Role:  UI/UX Designer + Front-end Developer
Time Frame:   6 weeks


This application aims to keep the user informed on current points of interest in the surrounding areas as well as informing other users. This project served as a great introduction into the complexity of Android development, Google API integration, and Amazon Web Services.


The user research was done on both incoming freshman and sophomores of various majors of study around campus. Questionnaires were given about what would get them more involved in local or campus events. Feature sets were developed based on these accounts.



A user generated local postings feed. Users can post points of interest in the area that can be viewable by other users in the area. They can also like posts, attach pictures to postings, and follow posts for notification updates that occur on the post.

Tagging allows for greater post filtering and the addition of communities/social groups in future updates.


In future versions, I would like to fully flesh out both communities/social groups and anonymous postings with self destruct timers. These would increase the use cases for a greater range of potential posters.

Web and iOS mockups will be posted soon. This project would serve as a great introduction into cross-platform development in the future.

The old code's quality reflects my early android development skills and is available on my Github. The complete rewrite and web interface is a work in progress at the moment so stay tuned!


Version: 2
Lines of code: 4,011
Contributors: 3


Android Studios
Amazon Web Services